Banking and Financial Services

Wisdom Soft Solutions has deep knowledge of the Private and Investment Banking domain and has executed several projects for global organization.

Wisdom Soft Solutions's exposure to this domain spans areas such as
Portfolio management
Order execution systems for securities and currency markets
Investment planning
Data feed routing and management


Wisdom Soft Solutions have well experienced and knowledged persons who can handle and deliver quality products in terms of Insurance related modules.

With the increasing penetration of the Internet into semi-urban and rural areas of India, Governments across the country have been evolving a framework for connecting to the citizens in a variety of ways and for making the citizen-to-Government interactions a better and satisfying experience. The various Right to Information initiatives have also resulted in empowering the citizens in making them aware of their rights and for demanding information in a manner that was never there in the past.

Such e-Governance initiatives require a robust technology framework and applications with intuitive interfaces keeping in mind the level of computer literacy of the average citizen. Wisdom Soft Solutions has been assisting local Governments actively in various projects such as
Digitization of manually maintained records
Grievance redressal applications
Imparting computer literacy to rural women
Creating a Web presence for local Government etc.


It is a well known fact that the US Healthcare industry is itself not in good health when it comes to using IT effectively both to manage costs of service delivery as well as to increase the quality of services provided. However, there are a few exceptions to this general rule and Wisdom Soft Solutions has been associated with some of these exceptional organizations. Services provided by Wisdom Soft Solutions in this space include giving a web face to legacy applications interfacing disparate applications with standard middleware such as Novell ExTend, Microsoft Biztalk and IBM Websphere.
Manufacturing organizations worldwide seek to make each investment dollar go further by managing costs, increasing the level of automation right down to the shop-floor, managing their supply chains more effectively etc.

Wisdom Soft Solutions's experience in assisting such organizations realize their objectives includes  development of embedded applications that go into a variety of devices such as CNC machines and controllers
Retail and Distribution

Operating on wafer thin margins, these businesses have to literally turn on a dime in order to survive and grow. Wisdom Soft Solutions's experience with these businesses has given a tremendous insight into how to squeeze every penny of cost efficiency in the supply chain and how to manage customer relationships in an extremely fickle industry.



Wisdom Soft Solutions's expertize in this domain is specific to product development for hand-held devices.

Wisdom Soft Solutions's deep expertize in streaming technologies has enabled it to develop innovative applications for PDAs as well as GSM and CDMA networks.



Software services 

Wisdom Soft Solutions's software services are all about helping customers to focus on their core business while leaving the headaches of managing the rapidly changing IT scenario to the capable hands of a trusted partner. Besides helping customers manage their IT assets better, Wisdom Soft Solutions also proactively advises customers on how best they could leverage their existing assets or take advantage of emerging technology to create new business opportunities.

Software and allied services offered by Wisdom Soft Solutions include
New application development
Enhancing existing applications
Web enablement of legacy applications
Sode optimization and performance improvements
Quality assurance and testing services
Application remote monitoring and active intervention for problem resolution
Implementation of ERP/SCM/CRM
Wisdom Soft Solutions is a Microsoft Business Solutions partner for Navision, an Enterprise Business Solution for Small and Medium Enterprises.

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Wisdom Soft Solutions's domain and Technology solutions span most of the contemporary platforms, languages and tools, including
Analysis of Call Detail Records (CDR)
Business Intelligence & Analytics (BIA)
Enterprise Application Development
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